Ucrete floor covering

Ucrete floor covering

Polyurethane (Ucrete) Floor Covers

Durability: Resistant to high abrasion and strong impact. Ucrete, which is applied to floors subjected to high pressures in many enterprises, has been used successfully as a quality floor covering for 20-30 years.

 Odorless: This floor covering can be applied to floor surfaces in an environment where food is left exposed in the production area, buildings and warehouses.

  •  Quick application and commissioning: It can be used even at temperatures below + 10 ° C, 5 hours after laying. It can be applied even after 7 days on fresh concrete.
  •  High temperature resistance: It is an indestructible floor covering that can withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to +150 ° C.
  •  Hygiene: Does not promote the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, it has high hygiene standards.
  •  Chemical resistance: Strong acids and alkalis, blood, oils, various chemical solvents, unlike this floor covering, quickly destroy other types of polymer coatings.
  •  Cleanliness and safety: To protect your employees and the environment
  •  HACCP has food safety certificates.


  • In heavy production areas
  • In food production facilities
  • In pharmacy
  • In beverage factories
  • In the chemical industry
  • In areas requiring high mechanical strength and chemical resistance
  • On hygienic, regularly washed surfaces