Why is sound insulation important?

Why is sound insulation important?
  • 9 Avq, 2021

Why is sound insulation important?

Sound insulation is important for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to prevent noise from disturbing  people in high-noise environments. Another reason is to prevent outside noise from entering the living space. An important nuance here is to ensure that sound waves are minimized from the sound source / (environment). Sound propagation between rooms is observed in 2 ways:

1. By air

2. By construction

It is easier to understand and prevent airborne noise. These types of sounds are mainly diffusing through gaps in the structure. Sounds such as people's speech and the sound of television can be considered as such. Sounds diffusion through a structure are called "constructive noise" and are relatively difficult to understand. In this case, the sound causes vibrations on the walls, ceiling, floor and other elements of the structure, and this vibration spreads to neighboring structures and other parts of the building, creating a "constructive noise". Although not easily felt by humans, sound waves cause such vibrations in solid and wide concrete walls, and as a result of these vibrations, a large amount of sound is spread on the other side of the wall - in the next room, and this noise is relatively difficult to prevent and requires a professional approach.

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