What is stone wool?

What is stone wool?
  • 9 Avq, 2021

What is stone wool?

Stone wool is produced by melting raw basalt stone at 1350 ° C-1400 ° C and turning it into fiber.

is obtained from. It is produced in different sizes, densities and specifications depending on the place and purpose of use.

  It has the following features:

• Provides lifelong insulation of buildings against heat and cold.

• Energy savings for heating and cooling of buildings are provided (approx. 30-60%).

• No exposure to sunlight and no change in size.

• Does not rub, rot, corrode or rust over time.

• Aesthetic, easy to cut and fast to use.

• Does not lose its physical properties over time.

• Operating temperature varies from -50 ° C to 650 ° C.

• The product remains flat and stable in humid environments.

• Not affected by insects and microorganisms.

• Unlike other alternatives, it does not produce toxic fumes during a fire.

• Stone wool is vapor permeable, which allows moisture to pass through walls and surface.

Taking into account all these features, we can say that stone wool is a friend of construction.

In addition, stone wool is produced in different varieties depending on the field of application. We can list the areas of application in this way.

• On the roofs and facades of all buildings for thermal insulation

• Acquisition of acoustic environment in cinemas, theaters, clubs, television and radio buildings, etc.

• For fire insulation of all buildings

• Especially in the sound insulation of residential buildings near the airport

• In the preparation of frames for planting plants in greenhouses in agriculture

• In metallurgical plants, in the insulation of smelting furnaces

• As an insulation regulator in metal exterior doors

• For sound insulation of all buildings

• In the partitions of residential, office and office buildings

• Manufacture of roofing panels

• In thermal insulation of pipes and tanks

Rockwool is a company that specializes in the production of rock wool. All products have an international certificate.

We hope this article will help you in your choice of stone wool.